PCV: Plastic Collecting Vacuum | By the end of 2023 we want Northern Rivers to be a much cleaner environment and to have no plastic in trees.

Project Team:

Bella , Kyla , Indigo , Heidi


New Idea

Social Purpose

Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

What is the problem you found?

Our problem is that after the floods, plastic waste got into inaccessible places (such as trees). We needed to find a way to get the plastic waste out of the trees quicker, easier and safer.


Customer / Problem

Our main customer would be Frankie Bryant and the company she works for (Northern Rivers Marine Services) to help them clean up our waterways and riverbanks. Another customer could also be the local council for when they clean up towns in the area after floods.


What Is Your Solution?

The solution to our problem is a PCV (plastic collecting vacuum). This is an extendable vacuum with a hook to pull the plastic into the pipe which is then sucked into the bag attached to the pipe. Our product is unique because there's nothing like it and it would make cleaning up plastic after floods quicker, easier and safer. We would promote this product through social media, ads, and calling and organising meetings.

Here is a link to our pitch deck.



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