Pedal Pals

Reducing pollution and increasing people's health.

Student Project

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Current Status:

New Idea

Project Team:

Piper , Alana, Paige, Bethany, Alice

Problem Statement

How might we encourage people to use cars less and be more healthy?

Customer / Problem

Our target customers are workers who drive to work. It is convenient to drive to work but there are health and financial consequences to this. Most of our customers are those who drive everywhere and pay extra money at some point in the day to work out and stay fit.


Pedal Pals is a subscription bike service that harnesses solar energy for motorisation. It uses GPS technology to direct people where they need to go and support them with motivational soundbites to encourage them to use bikes to travel instead of cars. An added bonus is that clients are placed into a small group within their area to motivate each other each day.

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