Pegasus (Extreme Entertainment Complex)

Reducing substance abuse in teens in the Lismore area.

Student Project

Social Purpose:

Current Status:

New Idea

Project Team:

Skyla Davis , Tia Rokowaqa, Tahlia Halliday , Madison Stanford-King

Problem Statement

How might we-increase entertainment and help teenagers reduce stress and substance abuse?

Customer / Problem

Our customers are 15-17year-old teenagers in Lismore and surrounding suburbs who don't have a lot to after school and on weekends. Because there's no entertainment, some of these kids are doing dangerous & unhealthy things like turning to drugs & alcohol. Having a way to release bad, pent up energy would go a long way to help these teens.


Pegasus is a giant entertainment complex that gets teens & younger children active whilst having healthy fun. There is a range of activities to try & connect with other young people in a safe space. This centre is designed for all ages & abilities which means there'll be role models for teens to look up.

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AEG Rivers Secondary College Lismore



New South Wales


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