Pidget Fencil | Relieving stress in the classroom for young people!

Project Team:

Darcy Barmby , and Friends



Social Purpose

Good Health & Wellbeing


What is the problem you found?

How might we decrease the growth of anxiety in school children so it doesn't impact employment and well being in early adulthood?

Customer / Problem

The issue that we are addressing is children getting overly distracted and stressed in the classroom environment. This stress and distraction commonly leads to anxiety.

Our target customer is primarily school children aged 12-18 that are likely to get distracted in the classroom and who might be dealing with large amounts of stress.

The stress often causes them to fidget or stress but common stress tools are not able to be brought into the classrooms or exams (balls, spinners etc).

What Is Your Solution?

Our solution is a pencil that has customisable materials on it that children can fidget with. This means they can fidget with this rather than other things that actually distract them from their work.

Importantly they can also be taken into exams - a stressful time for any student!

Our pidget fencils are made out of recycled plastic so it is environmentally friendly.

This is our design and our MVP which was produced following our successful crowdfund. We 3D-printed our product and self-assembled it.

Pidgetfencil design


Support Required


We would like connections to retailers or occupational therapists interested in our products.


We raised $1000 through our crowdfund. To take PidgetFencil to a wider audience we would like to talk to potential funders.


We would like advice on how to take our product from a 3D printed prototype through to manufacturing at scale.


We would like help further developing our MVP into a scalable product.

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