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Reimagining work experience

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Sienna Petri, Ben Duncum, Jake Harrison, Brandon Joynson, Brayden Wilks

Problem Statement

How might we make the future of work more accessible for young people?

Customer / Problem

Young people are interested in a variety of career options, but due to geographical, financial or practical limitations, may end up choosing something they are less passionate about as a "safe bet". This is meaning there is a lack of potential valuable contributions being made to the workforce and the Australian economy.


We aim to develop a virtual reality software that will allow students, especially those from remote regions, to explore and experiment with future career options. Using VR software that will be installed within schools, students can have a simulated taster of their chosen profession in a real world context that transcends physical and practical limitations. This will be particularly useful for young people who are interested in pursuing career paths where work experience is complicated or difficult, such as surgery. Through the use of our technology, we will be expanding horizons for young people across Australia and reimagining the future of work, boosting employment and ultimately our economy.

a woman using a VR headset

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