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To provide access to products and services in regional areas

Student Project

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New Idea

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Project Team:

Jess Howard, Iris Sin , Vaanya Agarwal

Problem Statement

How might we provide access to shops and productsto customers in regional and remote areas?

Customer / Problem

Customers in regional and remote areas want to buy a wider array of products than are avaliable in their community. While they can purchase products online, that means that they can't try them on or see what they are like before purchase. 

Returning products that are different in real life, increases costs, pollution and waste. It also leads to dissatisfied customers and poor brand image. 


Virtual reality booths that allow customers to 'try' on items before ordering them online. The booths would be located in shopping centres. Customers would have a range of shops to choose from and could try on various items from a companies catalog. They could then purchase the items through a connected app. Prototype

Support Required


our group needs to be in contact with shop and business owners.


We will need seed funding for production and delivery.

Our profits will be drawn from the companies paying a percentage per customer. 

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Comet Bay SHS



Western Australia


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