Planting Seeds

Changing attitudes towards the environment in Alstonville.

Student Project

Social Purpose:

Current Status:

New Idea

Project Team:

Sienna, Bethany, Storm, Alia

Problem Statement

How might we motivate people to shop with reusable bags?

Customer / Problem

Our customers are regular people in Alstonville who may not think of how their simple actions affect the environment. Life is busy for people so they don't stop to reflect on their actions and on the environment. If there were a way to remind people about the environment it would be very helpful.


Imagine walking down to groceries shopping and seeing a group of kids selling plants with messages about caring for the environment today so that they can have a future tomorrow. Planting Seeds is a movement of kids who care about the environment and who sell plants near shops with messages and slogans that remind people to mind the environment while they shop. The money that we make will go to charities like WWF to support work on the environment.

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