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Police Unmanned Drone System (PUDS) | Using innovative technology to improve the safety of first response police officers


New Idea

Social Purpose

Peace & Justice Strong Institutions

What is the problem you found?

How might we keep police officers safe when dealing with violent situations?

Customer / Problem

Our target customer is first response police officers called to situations where conditions are violent, dangerous and crowded, especially in communities where drug use is a large problem. Currently, these conditions are extremely risky to work in, with many police officers facing injury or fatalities in the line of duty. 

As the police are responsible for protecting the community, we also want to make sure we are looking after communities susceptible to high violent crime rates, where the need for strong safety measures is high.

What Is Your Solution?

Our solution is to introduce a fleet of drones that can be used as an asset to the police force in situations where sending police straight into the line of duty may be too dangerous. Each drone can be controlled remotely from a force member in a nearby vehicle or from an emergency response centre. The drones would be equipped with surveillance systems and tasers, and would be sent out as a precautionary measure to situations where danger is detected in order to mitigate potential risks and assess the severity of the problem.

Through the implementation of these drones into the police force, we aim to improve the safety and sense of security within our community, as well as reduce the numbers of officer deaths and injuries in the line of duty.

a sketch of a drone prototype

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