Positive Pathways

Reconnecting young teenagers struggling with mental health

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Problem Statement

How might we reduce mental health problems among young teenagers?

Customer / Problem

Our customer is a teenager struggling with or on the edge of a mental health breakdown. During the COVID-19 lockdown, many young people have been socially isolated from friends and family. There's more risk now that this could cause young people to have a mental health breakdown or make their situation worse. Existing social media platforms do not have filters that make it safe for people struggling with mental health problems


Our app, Positive Pathways, aims to help reconnect young people who are battling mental health issues and/or loneliness during isolation. Positive Pathways will strive to help young people overcome negative thoughts and help them towards success with a positive influence. Even though our app is targeted at young girls, it will help people of any age and gender to beat the loneliness of isolation and get the best out of the time they have.

Positive Pathways

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