Prevent Workplace Abuse

Increasing awareness and prevent the abuse of workers.

Student Project

Social Purpose:

Current Status:

New Idea

Project Team:

Emily, Layla, Evangeline

Problem Statement

How might we prevent and make people aware of workplace abuse?

Customer / Problem

Young workers who are new to the workforce (e.g. teenagers working in fast food, or young adults starting out in full time employment) may not have a comprehensive understanding of their workplace rights. These people may not feel empowered to speak out when they are being subject to abuse at work. We want to support and empower these people.


A book with information on what is workplace abuse, where to go if you are being abused, and anecdotes from survivors of workplace abuse. This would be a practical, accessible, and reliable guide for young workers. It would be available free of charge to all people, supported through sponsorship and sales of merchandise.

A sketch of the book with information on its contents.

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