Proud Memojies

Stoping racism in our school.

Student Project

Social Purpose:

Current Status:

New Idea

Project Team:

Kiyah, Saaci, Lacey, Tia, Charlotte H. and Charlotte T.

Problem Statement

How might we promote positive feelings about Indigenous and Islander populations in our school?

Customer / Problem

Indigenous and Islander pupils in our school and anyone who may be a minority group. Other people bully these people because of the colour of their skin and because of stereotypes that people associate with them. It would help if these stereotypes were not so hurtful anymore and they can just go about enjoying their lives. 


Our solution is Proud Memojies. Special stickers of positive messages about ethnic minority groups in our school. The stickers will be made by the wearer so that they can select which messages they most connect with. The money made from this will go to fund events that educate pupils about ethnic people who made a difference in our country.

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