Rags to Riches

Reducing the amount of clothes waste that goes into landfill

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Emily McLean

Problem Statement

A lot of clothes are simply thrown away and end up in landfill. It seems the only option is giving good clothes to charities or putting them in the bin and if people don't do this our landfill is growing bigger and bigger. This could mean we will have no space to put our rubbish. We need to be responsible and try and recycle as much as we can. 

Customer / Problem

My customer would be the general public and small businesses as well as main shopping stores. People need to be encouraged to recycle all their clothes and have an incentive to do this. 


I have come up with the idea of having clothes bins where you can deposit your unwanted clothes or materials. You simply would sign up on the app or website and have an account where you are given a unique barcode. You can then print off labels which can be put on your bags of clothes. You scan each of your bags before depositing into the bin. From there the bags are taken to the warehouse where they are weighed and the points go into your account. These points can go towards buying something at the environmental shop or online. If you shish you can donate your points to a charity. 

At the warehouse the clothes are sorted into different categories. So can it be sold at the environmental charity shop in good condition. When sorting, warehouse will consider: Does it need fixing? Could it be recycled into new clothes or made into shopping bags? Could it be sold to rags for local businesses?

All products would be sold at an environmental shop which could also be online and other main stores eg. Target might like to supply them.

Poster of rags to riches explaining the idea

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