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Red Gravity Bracelets | We believe it's important for children to be creative, resilient, build their own sense of community and strengthen their own mental health.

Project Team:

Lilly Belle , Keela , Ziqi , Caitlin , Tia


New Idea

Social Purpose

Good Health & Wellbeing

What is the problem you found?

How might we build the school's sense of community in a way that also helps community mental health?

Customer / Problem

School students don't have a healthy, constructive way to bond with each other, in a way that helps their mental health and builds a genuine community around them. School students also don't know the impact mental health has on those around them.

A slide showing the concerning statistics around mental health amongst young people in Australia. It is a significant problem.

What Is Your Solution?

A bracelet making school program targetted at Year 7 girls first, with a plan to expand to other years. Each bracelet is made from natural sustainable materials, and made by the student customer, who pays to be part of the program. The bracelets are sold within the Redlands area. For each bracelet, 70% of profits goes back into maintaining the program while 30% is donated to a mental health charity. There are three kinds of bracelets at different price points.

Three rough sketches of the three prototype bracelets are shown.  

Support Required


Feedback on our idea, and our business model, is welcome.

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Wellington Point State High School