Reef Table | Make the classroom more engaging for students

Project Team:

Laney Rawling , Tierney Brown , Ally Hastie , Olivia Bowie


New Idea

Social Purpose

Quality Education

What is the problem you found?

How might we improve the amount of engagement within schools?

Customer / Problem

Our customers are schools looking for better engagement options for students. The problems they are experiencing is the lack of engagement and focus within the classroom.

What Is Your Solution?

Our solution to this problem is to create a product that helps students focus and make the class more enjoyable to all students. Our idea is a glass-walled table filled with water, coral and fish, as well as 3 draws for stationary and snacks. This will improve engagement issues as it makes learning more enjoyable and fun.

Support Required


We would appreciate support in creating connections with scientists to help improve and make the reef table safer for both the marine animals within it and the users of the table.


We would appreciate support in the funding aspect of our reef table. In an attempt to be as safe as possible, we will require materials that may be costly. We will also need funding for the water, coral and fish within the tank.


We would appreciate support in the building aspect of our reef table. We require proper materials that are safe for the animals. We also require help as we must ensure that no problems surface during the construction of our reef table.

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