Rehab Rescue | Helping people suffering from substance abuse and addiction

Project Team:

ariel , evyatar , rhys , ollie , patu


New Idea


Miami State High School

Social Purpose

Good Health & Wellbeing

What is the problem you found?

How might we support people suffering from addiction in Burleigh Heads?

Customer / Problem

Our customer is anyone that is suffering from addiction i.e. drugs, alcohol, gambling or shopping. 

What Is Your Solution?

'Rehab Rescue' have created an app which aims to tracks a users addiction. It comes with a watch that can track levels such as heart rate and body temperature which indicates that the user may have relapsed with their addiction.

The app is then able to contact a family member or a personal doctor with a notification, so that they are able to intervene as early as possible and prevent the situation from escalating or getting worse.  All of the money generated from the app is directed towards rehabilitation support and programs for those people seeking help with addiction.



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