Relief Watch

How do we prevent violence, fights and conflict? How do we help people with dealing with their anger?

Student Project

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Pitched Idea

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Project Team:

Angus Brain , Hayden Mguire , Riley Mccracken, Kobi Ransfield

Problem Statement

How might we educate and help men with decreasing the chances of domestic violence?



Customer / Problem

Domestic violence numbers keep going up and up it is happening more everyday and nothing is working to stop it. 

Domestic violence has been a problem for many years and needs to be stopped. Did you know 85% of women have been sexually harassed or abused. We think this watch will help stop this problem by trying to calm them down or alert the victim that the perpetrator is angry and gets them a chance to know what is going on.



A tech wearable watch that helps with anger management. To help reduce domestic violence.



Support Required


We need to build a prototype with the help of developers, designers and scientists.


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St. Paul's Catholic College, Manly



New South Wales


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