Restoring school pride through the uniform

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Hala Noreen, Sietara Mahshar, Nikkita Avalos

Problem Statement

How might we include student opinion in the design of the school uniform?

Customer / Problem

Many students don't feel comfortable or confident in their school uniform. This can have an impact on student attendance and affect the sense of pride young people have in their school, which has a wider impact on the community.


Our solution is to create a design program and buddy app that would allow students to have a say in the design of their school uniform. Through the app, students could submit uniform designs and have a say in the colour, texture and print (and more!) of their school uniform. The app would also involve a rating and voting system that would allow schools to collectively select winning designs. The introduction of this program into our school community could have a significant impact on the morale and confidence of our students when attending school, strengthening our cohort as a whole and promoting a stronger sense of pride. While we would first aim to introduce this program to our school, Chifley College (Dunheved Campus), the end goal would be to be able to roll it out to neighbouring schools and across the state.


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New South Wales


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