Rhythm Road

Promoting a hands-on youth engagement with the community

Student Project

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Current Status:


Project Team:

Felix Catley, Jack O'Brien, Harley Collias

Problem Statement

How might we create a mindset of kids being more active?

Customer / Problem

One in two children before the age of eighteen suffer from a diagnosable mental health issue. (ChildMind.org)

Currently, with the digital age at its peak, young people are spending more time using their devices than they are getting out and about. Not only is this unhealthy both physically and socially, it also does detriment to the community in that it reduces the engagement of a large and very influential demographic.


Rhythm Road will design, produce and install play equipment with a musical feature in public spaces to encourage young people to engage with their physical surroundings. Through the combination of tactile and auditory sensory stimulation Rhythm Road playground modifications will create a fun environment for young people to reconnect with the space around them, promoting the use of a range of mediums to relate to the world. All the play equipment will source recycled plastic and have accessible accommodations for disabled users.


digital rendering of a playground prototype

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