Reducing overconsumption and wastage of food

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Paige Davis , Audrey Hayes , Nylah Kovacs , Semony Feierra , Bella Fielder and Lacey Cottrell

Problem Statement

How might we reduce overconsumption and wastage of food?

Customer / Problem

Our customers are Australians living below the poverty line, who are struggling to feed themselves and their families.


R.O.W.F collect ‘odd’ fruit and vegetables from farmers that would normally be disposed of when they don't meet supermarkets standards. Then, using a volunteer-based workforce sell crates of these fruit and veggies with a recipe inside to homeless shelters and people in government housing. The workforce would help them unpack the crate, and take the crate back, to avoid having to constantly purchase/make crates. The profits will go towards the costs listed below:

  • Obtaining 'odd' food products from farmers (food that doesn't meet the standards of supermarkets and would usually end up in landfill;
  • Developing recipes that are healthy and use the ingredients within each box;
  • Social media and marketing;
  • Employee wages; and
  • Outreach programs to raise awareness on responsible consumption



Support Required


We're looking for connections to help us purchase repurposed wooden crates from other companies.


We're seeking a loan from the bank to cover our start-up costs.

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