Safe Space | Everyone deserves to be safe in their lives and their communities!


New Idea

Social Purpose

Good Health & Wellbeing

What is the problem you found?

Everyone needs to be safe from abuse and the damage it can cause to their lives. Young people in particular can feel isolated and scared to access the support they need, especially if it feels out of reach. 

Customer / Problem

People in abusive environments find it difficult to access support in a safe and discrete manner. This is particularly true if that abuse comes from people in their inner circles (e.g. family), which makes it even harder to access that support.

What Is Your Solution?

Create a secret pop-up add-on that can be attached to a commonly used app such as a period-tracking app or a gym/ sporting app. This provides tailored support to the abused person and encourages their connection to services like family violence shelters and support hotlines. Following the launch of this add-on, we want to expand to begin safe rooms at places like doctors and gyms where young people who are affected by abuse can go if they feel unsafe.

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AEG Ulverstone