Sapphire Event

Reducing racism in the community

Student Project

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Current Status:

New Idea

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Project Team:

Aidan, Charlaye, Moe, Diaz

Problem Statement

The problem we are focusing on is racism. Racism is a global problem and it is very prominent in adolescence. We asked how might we help this situation and reduce racism?

Customer / Problem

We identified that 1 out of 5 teenagers are racist and are influenced by parental views, stereotypes, media and lack education in this area.


We are creating a cultural festival to address racism and highlight different cultures cuisines, music, art and performances. We will do this by also providing interactive opportunities using QR codes and selfie areas.

Festival Brochure


Support Required


We're looking to get funding from Shailer Park State High School and local council and to gain permission from the school to launch the event.

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Logan City Council Catapult Program





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