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What is the problem you found?

We believe everyone deserves the right to feel safe. 

We are tackling the problem of pickpocketing in busy areas and making sure everyone has peace of mind that their belongings are safe whilst travelling on public transport.

Customer / Problem

Our product is aimed at people who want to know their belongings are safe and secure whilst travelling to busy places or places prone to pick-pocketers and thieves.

Current challenges with bags include:

  • Bag quality - things fall out/material doesn't last long
  • Anyone can open your bag
  • Material can be cut open
  • Value of contents are increasing as we carry phones, tablets, sunglasses, wallets, passports, laptops, headphones etc it becomes a bigger target for thieves

Customers want to have piece-of-mind and know that thieves cannot easily access their belongings if they look the other way or on the phone.

If the bag is stolen there is no current way to track or locate the bag. 

What Is Your Solution?

We are designing the ultimate security backpack using new and existing technologies.

How the backpack works

The backpack will be an aesthetically pleasing backpack aimed at protecting your belongings to ensure you feel safe and secure.

Our backpack has multiple unique forms of technology implemented within it. An example of this technology is the finger scan lock system and a GPS tracking system. The bag will be made of cut-proof material.

How the app works

There is a free app that comes along with the bag. You can choose to lock the bag from the app. You are the only person that has the ability to unlock the bag, however you can choose to have the bag unlocked if you wish.

The app also tracks your bag and will provide a accurate location as to where the bag is. It will also give a notification every time you are near a high risk area for pickpocketing.

Our research

Throughout the process, constant research has helped our business develop, teaching us as individuals that understanding the consumers needs and wants is vital In creating and managing a successful enterprise/business. 

We researched the competition for the bags and similar products that already exist to gain ideas about how we can make our product better and different from the rest. 

We also researched the best types of materials that are most effective and lightweight.

Our prototype

This is our product prototype sketch:

This is a prototype of our bag showing the security features

Support Required


We are looking for manufacturing connections.


We are looking for investors for our idea.


We are looking to learn more about sensors and app development.


We are looking for help to develop our app.

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YINC Sydney January 2018