The Sticky Scheme | To support young women facing challenges in the workforce.

Project Team:

Stella , Lhamo , Ruby , Ayah , Ella and Indigo


New Idea

Social Purpose

Gender Equality

What is the problem you found?

How might we make women feel more comfortable in the workplace?

Customer / Problem

The problem is that for girls in the workforce there is a high level of discomfort compared to that of their male coworkers.


  • Young women in the workplace aged from 14 to 25  
  • The percentage of working girls in 2020 was significantly higher for girls (42%) than for boys (36%).
  • This group entails 400 people across the Mornington Peninsula.


Survey results: 100% agreed that women get treated differently in the workplace


What Is Your Solution?

The Sticky Scheme is a collaborative exhibition featuring a mural of a lady made from sticky notes. Women can use sticky notes to write empowering messages to support each other in the workplace and add these notes to the exhibition. This will take place initially at the Woodleigh School art gallery, before touring schools around the Mornington Peninsula / Melbourne region.

The Post-It note lady, will bring together the community to raise money and support women in the world of work. It is immersive and cost efficient to run, with a strong message of support.

Additionally, the exhibition will be coupled with a forum where women can access advice, resources, and inspiring quotes to assist them in the world of work.

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