An online charity to drastically reduce the amount of homelessness and unemployment in Perth.

Strong Will | Reducing the amount of unemployed and homeless people

Project Team:

Kaiya Scudds , Arwyn Bailey


New Idea

Social Purpose

No Poverty

What is the problem you found?

Poverty, specifically the lack of job oppurtunities, in the city of Perth.

Customer / Problem

Our customer is people 25 and over, willing to donate money to those in need. The people with the problem are the unemployed and homeless.

What Is Your Solution?

A website with multiple pages such as "Home", "Stories", "Events and Challenges", "Donate and Support" and "Hire". The home page will have an "About Us", with information about how we started and our goal. The stories page will have real stories about people living under the poverty line. The events and challenges page will show any current challenges to compete in, and also any events that you can volunteer to help with. The donate and sponsor page will allow you to either donate to the charity, or sponsor a specific person in need. The hire page will allow business owners to hire people or get interns, once they have done the required lessons. The businesses will also get a lot of ads on our website. it would also have a centre that they can go to, as they wouldn't be able to access the website, and get basic lessons on subjects they enjoy.

Support Required


If we had funds, we could truly change lives. Funds to will be put to great use, advertising so that our website becomes known. We don't need millions of dollars to be known, we just need something to start us on the way to a happier Perth. We understand hardship more than any others of our age, and the website will influence so many people to work not just have food and water given to them. If you fund us, you fund the jobs of so many in Perth.

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Ashdale Secondary College