#SuePollution | Increasing sustainability within households across Australia

Project Team:

Omar , Axl , Kye , Narrisa , Sophie


New Idea

Social Purpose

Affordable & Clean Energy

What is the problem you found?

High levels of energy use within households across Australia.

How might we make people start using sustainable energy/electricity sources?

Customer / Problem


  • Name is Bill
  • 22 years old
  • Always tired
  • No steady income
  • University student

My Pains are:

  • Want to know about energy sources; if they are good/bad,
  • Having trouble breathing because of pollution,
  • High finance bills,
  • Running out of money
  • Doesn't know how to save energy well

If I used your product, my gains would be:

  • A better understanding of efficient energy use
  • Decreased energy bills
  • Saving his money for important things
  • Improved breathing
  • Less guilt about environmental impact


What Is Your Solution?

An app which has information about energy sources and whether they are sustainable or not. The app contains a feature where users can input the area in which they live and the app will provide them with the best ways to reduce energy use in their house or options to switch to renewable energy. Our Mascot, Mr Kicking Pollution, is an Earth wearing a cape, who gives tips on reliable energy sources and gives a rating, 1-10 on how good an energy source is.






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Bellevue Park State school - 1 Day Discovery Program






22 May 2022

This is our project that we did on our 1 day incursion with Young Change Agents.