Sustainable Packaging App(SPAPP) | Helping people make environmentally and financially sound choices while they shop everyday.

Project Team:

Taisa R , Alexandra D , Katie H


New Idea

Social Purpose

Sustainable Cities & Communities

What is the problem you found?

How might we substitute the use of single-use plastic packaging with more sustainable options? 


Customer / Problem

Our customer, Jennifer, is a middle-class passionate environmentalist looking to make eco-friendly shopping choices. Jennifer has identified that the one area she can have the most eco-impact is choosing to buy sustainably packaged items. However, it is hard to find affordable and sustainably packaged items.

What Is Your Solution?

To solve Jennifer's problem we have come up with an idea for an app. It is called the Sustainable Packaging App (SPAPP). Using the app Jennifer will be able to scan the product she wants then the app will find similar items that are cheap and sustainably packaged nearby. The app can also give discounts to people who frequently purchase sustainable items. The app will make sustainably packaged items easier to find while making them cheaper to buy at the same time.


SPAPP prototype

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