Sustainable Pool Cleaner | Creating a sustainable pool cleaner

Project Team:

Samantha He , Annie Luo , Ella Liu , Lauren Eyers


New Idea

Social Purpose

Affordable & Clean Energy

What is the problem you found?

How might we help people use more eco-friendly sustainable machinery?

Customer / Problem

The problem we identified is that many pool cleaners do not run on sustainable energy and are very costly. Our customers are people who own pools and are looking for a sustainable pool cleaning technology.

What Is Your Solution?

We are creating a pool cleaner which runs on solar and hydro power, while also creating a more economically affordable option for people looking for a pool cleaner.

The product is equipped with a large solar panel upon an extendable rod, which powers the propellors and the cleaning functions. The propellors not only move the pod in any direction through the water, but it also creates a current in the water in which the robot can generate more electricity from, further powering it. 

It is almost certain that there will be excess electricity generated, so it stores the energy within itself, then after use you can plug it into your home and let it run on renewable energy. There is also a panel of ultra-violet light along the bottom of the robot which disinfects the pool water. Not only will this feature increase the sanitation of the water, but saves a lot of water being wasted because of dirty pools. 

There are retractable brushes along the edge of the pod that have numbers of fine bristles to collect the finest bits of pollution in the water. Another feature is the holes around the solar panel slot to suck in or push out water to sink or float up, this way it can adjust its place to anywhere in the pool.

Prototype 1

Prototype 2

Our aim in creating this pool cleaner is to work towards creating a more sustainable future in which renewable energy sources are the main source of energy powering our world. Currently, 13% of the Australian population lives in a household with a pool. While this may not sound like many people, it translates to roughly 2.7 millions Australians living with a pool, with approximately 1.2 million pools being owned in Australia. 

As a company, we are also passionate about helping those in developing countries. With a focus on providing clean water to those in need, we try our best to help in any way. 

As a social enterprise, we also aim to help those in need. So, we donate part of our profits on every sale towards projects that help the development of long-term solutions that provide clean water to place in developing countries. Whether it is building a well or a fresh water pump, you know that money is not making investors rich, rather it is helping those in need.

Prototype 3

Support Required


We would need funding in order to build the prototype properly and to continue the development of our product, as well as to continue to develop our ideas in order to promote a sustainable future. 

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