Sustainable Styles | Combatting the world of fast fashion by providing alternative solutions to throwing out old clothing

Project Team:

Saoirse Chu , Shivi Bhambani , Magda , Valentina Brasacchio , Hafsa Moosani


New Idea

Social Purpose

Responsible Consumption & Production

What is the problem you found?

Our problem statement is: How might we educate others on the impacts of fast fashion and encourage the recycling and reusing of clothing?

Customer / Problem

app logoFast Fashion has a devastating environmental, economical and social impact on the world. Sweatshop workers produce our clothing under inhumane conditions and are paid minimal wage - only for us to wear a piece of clothing and to throw it out when it is not 'trendy' anymore. The fashion industry is also the second largest consumer of the world's water supply, as well as a large producer of CO2 emissions and deforestation. With trends now changing within months, the production of clothing is at a rate this is unethical and unsustainable for the future of fashion. Each and every customer is connected with this issue, as we all wear clothing. For many people, clothing bought is cheap, poorly made, and goes out of trend within a couple of years, resulting in the disposal of these items. In addition to the environmental impact, this wastes the customer's money as they struggle to keep up with the trends and their clothes are not giving them value for money. Fast fashion can also take a toll on consumer's mental health, as the idea to stay "trendy" is overwhelming and hard to keep up with. 

What Is Your Solution?

workshop poster

We have created an idea in which we have an app which has information and workshops on the impacts of fast fashion and videos of solutions to fast fashion (such as tutorials on how to upcycle items into trendy outfits, and how to easily sew or alter clothing into new items).

The app would also have a step by step questionnaire to take before an individual buys something, that asks questions such as:

- Do I know where this was made?

- Do I really need this?

- Will I need it in 6 months time?

This allows the consumer to make an informed decision without being tempted by cheap prices and sales psychology. There could also be a section on the app to sell the clothes that are upcycled in the workshops to stores or people.

This would help fund the website, donate to charities combatting sweatshops and promote reusing and upcycling clothes. 

Support Required


Connections are necessary as our business relies on people coming in to drop their clothes, and our information will reach more people. The connections could be like successful business people in the fashion industry or influencers who support the sustainability idea


The funding can be used to start up the whole business, get the sewing machines for workshops and establish the app etc. 


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