Talk n Taste

Connecting people from different cultures through food.

Student Project

Social Purpose:

Current Status:

New Idea

Support Required:

Project Team:

Molly Yonge, Sara Vesely, Lola Harding, Lucy Paterson

Problem Statement

Some people don't get the opportunity to connect with other cultures through trying different foods.

Customer / Problem

The customer is anyone who wants to learn more about foods from different cultures and connect with people from these cultures. 


Our app is designed to help people find recipes from other cultures. On the app you can find and share recipes, give or receive advice and talk to other people from all different cultures.  

Support Required


We will need some funding at the start to advertise so that we can get people on our app then later we can put ads on our app to make money. 


We will need some support with the development of our app. 

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