Talk Tea 2 Me

Our purpose is to create a product for students dealing with the overwhelming stress of school.

Student Project

Social Purpose:

Current Status:

New Idea

Support Required:

Project Team:

Neve Coghlan - Creative Director, Megan Fogarty - Head of HR & Financing, Caitlyn Yang - Head of Sustainability & Resources, Arabella Greaves - Head of Business Management , Laura Ingram - Head of Social Outreach Programs

Problem Statement

How might we be able to give students a way to de-stress at school?

Customer / Problem

Stressed students are finding it hard to wind down and talk about their problems. 


Our product is a calming herbal tea that comes in a packet that has an interactive meditative colouring activity on the packet and an affirmation on the tea bag tab.





Support Required


People who are connected to the tea business and who can give advice on how we can create and develop our tea brand.


Finding an investor willing to invest in our product for research and funding. 


Support on how we can source the tea and create the packaging.  


Providing help such as access to facilities and research support to create a tea that is specific to our goal. 

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