Teen Fit | Encouraging teenagers to participate in more physical activity. 

Project Team:

Jorja , Amelia , Caitlin


New Idea

Social Purpose

Good Health & Wellbeing

What is the problem you found?

There are limited age appropriate options for teenagers to keep fit. Teenagers want to keep fit but find it hard to find places that are made for their age group. For example, gyms are generally open for ages 18 and up and most playgrounds are made for ages 12 and under.

Customer / Problem

The customers or users of the app would be teenagers who feel restricted or uncomfortable due to the lack of age-appropriate activities to stay fit and active.

What Is Your Solution?

To help solve this problem, we have designed an app that uses the person's location, age, gender, schedule and interests to find activities that help them be more active and stay fit. This may include bootcamps or walking groups, one-off training sessions or team sports. 

Check out our prototype here. 

Support Required


We are looking to develop connections with those who can help us to work with people in local areas who could support the app and adding activities to it. This could include public pool owners or gym owners, but can also include others who would like to host a bootcamp or walking session at the local park.


We would welcome funding to promote the app to teens and those who can partner to host fitness activities. 


We are looking for support from professionals who can program the app and get it on the app store.

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