Time out not burn out!

Supporting school-based staff to manage their wellbeing through transforming staff culture.

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Jen, Bridget, Mel, Teagan, Sheree


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Problem Statement

How might we transform the culture in schools to prevent teacher burnout?  

Customer / Problem

The Education Directorate supports ACT Schools to deliver world-class teaching programs. The schools that they support are varied and have different needs, but all employ a workforce of dedicated teachers and support staff that work hard to create the best learning outcomes for students. Schools require support to ensure that their staff are maintaining their own well-being and balancing their workloads. 


Our organisation will support Education Directorates to implement consistent programs across all of their schools. These programs will:

1. Promote the change of cultural norms with practices such as supporting teachers to take breaks throughout their workday and engage in self-care activities. 

2. Provide resources to schools to promote wellbeing activities.

3. Provide expertise in creating supportive spaces for school staff.


Support Required


Stakeholder consultation and engagement.

Expertise in psychology and wellbeing

Pitch Slidedeck

School staff wellbeing survey: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfGMTR8oPXtObKqUBVsI3mWLa22l0nyulyj-jes9ez1tmU79Q/viewform?usp=sf_link

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