Track Wear | To provide after school activities that engage Bourke High School students.

Project Team:

Sebastian Riley , Sophia Cameron , Austin Webber , Ethan Smith


New Idea

Social Purpose

Quality Education

What is the problem you found?

How do we provide more engaging activities for students at Bourke High School?


Customer / Problem

Local Bourke families who want to keep an eye over their elderly relatives. In addressing the problem as well as others like poor behaviour of students, Bourke High School students can explore tracking systems, app building and data collection in after school workshops to create a service to support local Bourke families.


What Is Your Solution?

As an after school program for BHS, Team Wear will sell tracking systems in conjunction with selling data and information that could be used for research.


Support Required


We welcome advice from industry to help us with our idea.

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Bourke High School