Trending Real | We aim to educate both children and parents on how to eliminate the risks behind the use of soical media and the positive way it can influence people

Project Team:

Zoe , Eleanor , Gen , Trudy , Ella


New Idea

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Quality Education

What is the problem you found?

How might we educate children and parents on the positives and negatives of social media, and decrease the negative impacts that social media has on children?  

Customer / Problem

Our customer is both children and parents. Children between the ages of 8-12 are at the age where they are just beginning to enter the complex world of social media. Whether it be Youtube, Instagram or Snapchat they all have different impacts on young children. These impacts can be largely negative as social media can promote unrealistic body standards and is a platform that can be used for bullying. Parents are also impacted by this as they are tasked with raising their kids in this new age of technology. They can see the negative impacts on their children however they don't know enough to deal with the effects. 

What Is Your Solution?

The schedule, booklet and session examples Our idea to fix this problem is an all-inclusive 3-day camp. This camp educates young children on the intricacies and risks of social media in a fun and informative way. It also encourages kids to spend more time outside through fun games and activity sessions, where they can try new sports and extra-curricular activities that they can continue after the camp. The parents also receive a helpful booklet that includes many useful tips for using social media.

If the camp is not affordable or accessible to the children/parents, the schedule, games, session examples, and booklet for parents are all available for purchase separately. They can be used at home with parents or at school/school camps. 

Support Required


We simply need funding to bring this vision to life. The profits from this camp will support all further programs run by Trending Real.

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