Trust in Your Passion

Instilling self confidence and passion in aspirational young people

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How might we set people on the right path to their career?

Customer / Problem

Young people can be swayed in choosing their career path by external pressures such as the careers of their parents and family. This means they might end up in a line of work they do not find fulfilling because it isn't true to their passion.


Our solution is to create a digital platform for young people to connect with online mentors who are passionate about their careers. The platform will be accessible via a website and compatible app and will function as a social media site. Young people will be able to DM accredited mentors to have conversations about their areas of interest and receive essential support for their passions. This will establish a future generation of school leavers who are engaged with their line of work and equipped with the right skills to succeed in the workplace.

some graphics illustrating potential connections made via the app

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