U-ME | Educating people on consent and sex education

Project Team:

Sarah D'Soza , Arial Santoso , Kitty Millal , Moana Tuala , Olivia Holsinger


New Idea

Social Purpose

Quality Education

What is the problem you found?

How might we increase and develop resources to create more comprehensive consent and sex education?

Customer / Problem

There is a lack of adequate and accessible resources available for young people about sex education and consent beyond the curriculum. 

Our customer are school students from primary through to high school. This type of education is important to help them have a greater understanding of their own and other people's bodies and how they can be respected.

What Is Your Solution?

In order to provide adequate resources, we have designed an education program including a website and an app. 

The education program can be utilised by schools to educate students from primary to high school age on consent, bodily autonomy and practicing safe sex.

The U-ME app and website are easily accessible and reliable resource of information that will be educate on topics regarding sex and consent that may be seen as 'taboo'.

The app will include informative videos/animations, FAQs and a helpline. 

Primary School Education will cover:

  • Story telling ‚Äč
  • Bodily autonomy‚Äč
  • Basic bodily consent 

High School Student Topics at different year groups will cover: 

  • Consent (10-12)
  • Sex Education (7-12)
  • Safe sex and sexual health (9-12) 

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