To unite our community

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New Idea

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Project Team:

Leila, Tamara, Dionicia, Jeanne , Thierrey

Problem Statement

The problem is that there is not enough unity in our communities as many people don't respect others values and differences. This is because people don't have an understanding of other cultures. We want to solve this to improve equality and help communities prosper. 

Customer / Problem

We are focusing on people that have suffered from discrimination and have been feeling left out and uncomfortable. These people often don't feel welcome in their community so don't connect with others and contribute to community prosperity. 


Our solution is to run a community multicultural day with different food, performances and activities to educate people about the differences between cultures and people and how they can be used. We conducted a survey and found 85% of the potential customers we interviewed would be interesting in this event. 

Unity poster

Support Required


The event will need some startup funding to help cover food, stands and other event expenses.

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Banksia Park September 2020



South Australia


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