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What is the problem you found?

How might we attract more people to Deniliquin?

Customer / Problem

Deniliquin is not well recognised or known as an Australian destination, even though it is a beautiful town with many things to offer. 

Due to urbanisation rural areas are becoming underpopulated, and this is a process that will progress to a point at which these communities will lose any and all equity.

In addition to this, road safety within rural areas is a complete and utter travesty. This is largely due to inadequate infrastructure and underfunding.

a 3D modelled ute attraction prototype

What Is Your Solution?

We aim to create a new beloved Australian tourist attraction to attract public interest: the Giant Ute. This attraction would have many accompanying features including a café, a VR experience, amazing window views of Deniliquin's gorgeous scenery, and a kids play park. Through the Giant Ute, we could put Deniliquin on the map and showcase all the great things our town has to offer. A portion of the profits generated by the attraction would go towards repairing our roads.

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