Viridis | To reduce the amount of non decomposable water bottles in the environment.

Project Team:

Charlotte Spargo , Helen Wei , Sumin Kim , Ganga Li


New Idea

Social Purpose

Responsible Consumption & Production

What is the problem you found?

How might we stop ecosystems from being polluted?

Customer / Problem

Our customer is a 22-year-old female environmentalist student working part-time. She wants to see better protection for the environment and is tired of seeing so much pollution.

What Is Your Solution?

Viridis’s main mission is to solve both pollution and deforestation simultaneously. Viridis will create biodegradable water bottles with all profits directed to tree plantation brands.

Viridis Prototype

Support Required


To be able to for fill our mission of helping our future be greener. We aspire to partner with ‘Reforest Now’, by partnering with them each product helps by them being able to plant a tree.

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