Promoting gender equity in the workplace

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J. Breeden, E. Cai, L. Johnson

Problem Statement

How might we reduce the inequality for women in the Lake Macquarie area?

Customer / Problem

Women in the workplace are often faced with many challenges and barriers do not. Whether this is the pay gap or the risk of sexual harassment, it is difficult trying to exist as a woman in a professional environment when the odds are stacked against you.


We aim to create an app that will be tailored specifically for women seeking employment opportunities who want the security of knowing they will be entering a workplace where gender equity is a priority. This app will function like a traditional job search social networking service, however it will also have an inbuilt service that will allow women to rate and review workplaces based on a series of criteria on gender equity. This will allow us to gain valuable data to rank businesses according to their reliability as good professional environments for women. Through this app, we will not only be able to create and streamline safe spaces for women in the workforce, but we will also be able to make businesses more accountable and transparent about their treatment of women.

a wireframe for the app's homepage

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