Water Purifier for Rural Communities | Millions of people die each year due to unfiltered water.

Project Team:

Eve Kirkpatrick , Imogen Owens


New Idea

Social Purpose

Good Health & Wellbeing

What is the problem you found?

How might we produce more drinkable water in rural communities? How might this be easy to use?


Customer / Problem

Our customers are people from rural communities that have little to no access to clean drinking water. Problems that they could be facing are not being able to afford clean drinkable water. 

This could cause multiple health issues such as salmonella, hepatitis A and cryptosporidium. Another major issue is that without clean water everything else is spoiled. Meaning, the fish or animals inside of the water could be infected and unhealthy. Due to this domino effect lots of things are intoxicated by this undrinkable water meaning we need to get it fixed ASAP. 


What Is Your Solution?

Our solution is a portable robot that is placed inside of small lakes or rivers and disposes a water filtration tablet. Along with this it produces a high frequency sound to scare off any animals so that they do not get hurt during the filtration and purifying process. 

What the filtration tablet does is it makes the dirt particles of the water clump together to the point where they can no longer float. This makes the dirt particles sink to the bottom of the water leaving the purified and clean water at the top. 

There are multiple sensors equipped with this machine to communicate to the mother device (a device that has an app installed) that tells the application on the device how clean the water is. (It would say in a percentage). The app would also show camera footage of the robot as there is a small camera on the front. 

Our prototype

Also, a small light is placed at the front to indicate whether the robot has started working. 

Design of Water Purifier
To refill the water cleaning tablets there is an easy unscrew-able bottom that screws off to reveal a box that you place more of the purifier in so it is easy to re-install and can be taught to anyone in need of the project.  

Support Required


We need money to help make the project and resources and be able to distribute it. 


We need help developing the project so it is at an affordable place and a place where we can distribute it. We have the full plan but we also need someone to code and put the coding in. 

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