We Want A Future

Helping people in drought to have easy access to water

Student Project

Social Purpose:

Current Status:

New Idea

Support Required:

Project Team:

Toby, Kai, Tadhg, Uta, Charlie

Problem Statement

How might we provide people access to water when they don't have it?

We Want A Future Pitch

Customer / Problem

The customer problem is a lack of water for people such as farmers in drought affected communities.


We Want a Future aims to turn storm water into water b-grade water that is usable for farms & emergency services.

Support Required


We're looking for support with our goals below:

Short term goals - To provide more water to firefighters and agriculture farms in the Tweed radius and earn money to supply for the rest of this project. 

Medium term goals - Earn enough money to branch our project out in a larger area for example a big part NSW region and further. 

Long term goals - To provide thee machines to the whole of New South Wales and other areas in need and try to get sponsors for our projects.


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Kingscliff High School



New South Wales


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