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Wheelability | Promoting accessibility within our community


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Social Purpose

Good Health & Wellbeing

What is the problem you found?

How might we improve wheelchair accessibility options in Parramatta?

Customer / Problem

Sydney is currently not a very wheelchair accessible area.

We constantly notice the problems faced by people in
wheelchairs. Sydney has a lot of hilly suburbs with many
narrow aisles and roads, and ramp options are rarely available.

We noticed that people with wheelchairs are not getting their voice heard.

What Is Your Solution?

We have decided to create a website which addresses the common problems faced by wheelchair users. This digital platform will allow people in wheelchairs to voice their concerns and have their opinions heard by those responsible for orchestrating change. The way we will facilitate this is largely through a review style system, whereby users can give feedback on the accessibility of public spaces and facilities, and then through our platform we can contact the owners of these spaces to rectify any issues. We believe a city as beautiful and diverse as Sydney should be accessible to all.

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