Wolf | How might we engage youth into activities so they commit less crimes?

Project Team:

Lenny Marshall , Rhiallna Einsiedel , Lilly Dierickx , Ty Ruthberg , Eli Fraser


New Idea

Social Purpose

Reduced Inequality

What is the problem you found?

Safety in the community is a problem, because there are many disengaged youth who commit crime and need other activities that will keep them away from committing crimes.

Customer / Problem

Wolf is designed to reduce disengaged youths' bad habits of committing crime. The aim is to engaging them in other productive activities instead.

What Is Your Solution?

Wolf is a business that sells caps, t-shirts and jumpers designed by youth. Every 6 months the designs change like seasons. A competition is held so the winning design is used on the merchandise. Profits sustain the business, and a portion used to give youth subsidies to play local sports (engaging them in activities).

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