A Woman's Story | Inspiring more women to break the glass ceiling.

Project Team:

Emily Bell , Shontae Kartinyeri , Ta-leigh Hodder , Bayleigh Biar , Nevaeh Flanagan


New Idea

Social Purpose

Gender Equality

What is the problem you found?

How might we inspire more determined girls and women to reach their potential?

Customer / Problem

Our customers are women and girls who are determined to achieve certain higher goals but who are frustrated by the glass ceiling. They are often very talented people who find themselves confused about the obstacles in their way and lack of recognition that they deserve for their work. It would be helpful for them to see themselves in the stories of other successful women who reached their goals and to understand how these women did it.

What Is Your Solution?

A Woman's Story is an initiative that aims to share the success stories of women who have broken the glass ceiling and reached the top. These stories are shared through documentaries that are shared on our website and across social media, targeting women. The point of view that these documentaries come from will empower all women to see themselves and their stories in those women who have succeeded.

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