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How might we help to reduce childhood obesity?

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Childhood obesity is a pressing issue in Australia. According to research 20% or 1 in 5 kids has an obesity problem. Childhood obesity is particularly problematic as it can set an individual up with challenges and health complications for the rest of their life.

This might also impact the child mentally, leading to low self esteem or feelings of anxiety and depression. We don't want any beautiful human to have to feel this way.


What Is Your Solution?

Our solution is to begin an initiative in our local area for kids up to thirteen years old and their parents which will run public walks in our local area. Helping kids at a young age will lower the risks of health conditions later on in life. Having an option to get outside in a fun but still active way will hopefully get these kids to switch off their technology and out in the open. And this will all so make our community be more healthier. 

If our business is successful our impact on the community will be a healthier and a large open community. 

More people will be more active, and have a fun incentive to get outside. Families will also have a chance to start spending more time together, take a break from technology and be more nature friendly.

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