To promote positive mental health and self care in young women, helping them know their worth and achieve their dreams. Products are made by girls, for girls.

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Gabrielle Blaine, Mia Totino, Antonia


OLMC Parramatta


Problem Statement

How might we promote positive mental health and self-care for young women? We want to help people achieve their dreams by allowing them to feel worthy of themselves and their ambitions. 

4/5 young women report low body self esteem and many opt out of every day activities when they don't feel good about themselves. 


Customer / Problem

Our customers are primarily teenage girls who lack self-esteem and confidence. This includes young women who might have negative body image, who have experienced bullying, or a feeling of exclusion throughout their adolescent years.


'You Are' work to develop unique products, such as small, meaningful handmade accessories - which remind girls of their uniqueness and of their worth.

We have decided to prototype compact and affordable mirrors to remind the user of the true value of their body and their sense of self. It is a small, handmade reminder which aims to support young women to remember all that she is. Additionally, a portion of profit (between 10-25%) will be going to the charity 'BeYoutifully Designed', which provides mentoring and self-development programs to young females worldwide.

We also have a community where young women can connect with us, and each other, to receive support and advice. 


Support Required


To assist with funding support, we will need around $100 in seed money so that You Are can begin investing in materials. 


We will require assistance in how to budget our money and organise product sales.

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