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Thuy, Christina, Helena, Julia


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Young people in Australia are one of the groups most affected by COVID-19, both mentally and physically. How might we improve the mental health of youth in these socially distanced times of COVID-19?

Mental health - yoUth

Customer / Problem

Coronavirus has increased anxiety and depression rates around the world. Before the crisis 1 in 5 girls between 16-17 had depression and these rates are rising rapidly with the times we find ourselves in. The mental health of young people is plummeting as they have difficulty coping with isolation and the impacts of the coronavirus.


Our customers are all between the ages of 13-18 and struggle with depression or anxiety. This group struggles most with coping mechanisms and needs the support of others to help them build their resilience.

yoUth - the problem


We have created a website that provides resources on depression and anxiety. Our goal is to ensure that young people can access these resources quickly and easily.

Our website aims to help them find ways to cope and helplines to call when things get too much.​ There is a survey as you enter our website, which will help identify resources beneficial for you. Our website also has an anonymous Q&A and has the ability to send care packages to people you love and care about.

With yoUth, young people can find useful information all in one place.

Support Required


How might we differentiate our website from others, or partner with other great mental health organisations to bring our idea to life?

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