A-Z APPLIANCES | Helping homeless people in Burleigh Heads

Project Team:

Xander , Kaelen , Chris , Nick , Harvey c.c.


New Idea


Miami State High School

Social Purpose

No Poverty

What is the problem you found?

How might we help homeless people in the Burleigh Heads community?

Customer / Problem

We are trying to help homeless people in Burleigh Heads who are currently living on the street and lacking basic essentials such as food, clothing and sanitary items.

What Is Your Solution?

AZ Appliances sells a wide range of electronic supplies and appliances. All money generated from the appliances is put towards providing food, water, sanitary items and clothing to homeless people in the community.

There will be charity boxes out the front of the store for people to donate used goods which can also that may be passed on to the homeless people of Burleigh. 


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