About Young Change Agents


Young Change Agents is a social entrepreneurship program for 10-18 year olds that helps our youth see problems as opportunities.


The Young Change Agent programs provide students with the tools to think creatively, build skills in critical thinking and communication and empowers them to believe that they are good enough to be entrepreneurs, leaders and world changers.

Best of all, it's fun and exciting to learn how to create a social start-up. We use tools and techniques utilised in real start-up incubators and just like a lean start-up, there will be limited time to get stuff done! Our programs run either in 3-5 day blocks or as 10 week programs (2 hours a week).

Young Change Agents is a program that can be run in schools, as a holiday program or for a specific youth group over a weekend.

Our Mission

We see a world where:

  • Young people see problems as opportunities
  • Can make a difference
  • Feel empowered to start something good
  • Stand up for things that they are passionate about
  • Believe that they are good enough to be entrepreneurs, leaders and world changers

We believe that youth-led initiatives such as Youth Change Agents provides young people with the opportunity to exercise leadership, build decision-making skills, and increase their ability to work in a team. This approach allows young individuals to develop multiple core competencies, ranging from cognitive to emotional, physical, moral, vocational, and cultural, ultimately contributing to the young person’s sense of self-worth and identity. While adult led and government organised initiatives target youth with specific problems and behaviours such a drug abuse, we believe that a youth-led approach is the next step forward, as it challenges young people to lead the way by deciding what needs to be achieved and then accomplishing it. Enabling young people to meaningfully engage in initiatives that they create not only makes youth the stakeholders of their immediate future, but of their community’s long-term well-being.

Our Board

Bridget Armstrong

Margaret O'Brien

CEO & Co-Founder

Bridget Armstrong

Jonathan Srikanthan

Co-Founder & Director

Bridget Armstrong

Lenny Repole

Company Secretary

Bridget Armstrong

Bettina Manevski

Chair and Director

Bridget Armstrong

Mali Hawkins


Bridget Armstrong

Parth Gulati